North Beach Rocks!!!

Congratulations team North Beach for your valiant victory in the world’s first Bus Stop Derby. Well played. Your 363,650 points and over 150,000 game plays got you first place, with the Tenderloin in close second with 329,625 points. We don’t know how many buses you missed, but the sacrifice was worth it: in addition to citywide bragging rights you get to host the rock block party with OK Go!

The entire city is invited to rock out on the rooftop at the SF Art Institute, from the toughest competition (Mission and Tenderloin—so close!) to the slightly less tough (Noe Valley, thanks for playing). The block party is on February 5, doors open at 3:30pm with a variety of street food, games, and other surprise! But remember to come early to make sure you get one of the 800 wristbands to enter.

P.S. Take the bus. Parking at the block party is very limited so hop on the Muni (nearby lines: 45 Union/Stockton, 30 Stockton, and 41 Union) or ride your bike.

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